We’re a company specialized in the design and construction of obstacles. Our constructions are simple to build, easy to extend and add more lanes.
The products we develop such as the Spinners, Monkeybars and SuperSnake are covered in a double layer of special powder coating that provides more grip and absorbs less cold.
Safety and regulations are a big issue in our sport. The obstacles we build will be delivered with details for use, 3❑ drawings and strength calculations.
What do we deliver ? We have our Signature obstacles! We build SuperStructures 50M+ obstacles. And we have Big Blocks! One construction, multiple obstacles. We can design specific obstacles for every race, contact us and let’s meet up!
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Signature obstacles




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50m+ obstacles
Building te biggest

Urban-sky SuperStructures are 50M+ obstacles and consist of multiple connected obstacles to create a SuperStructure

Big blocks

One construction,
Multiple obstacles

Urban-sky Big Blocks consist of one BIG construction and the addition of multiple obstacles. By doing so, we use the construction as efficiently as possible. Reducing costs and create spectacular big obstacles.
For example : We can build a ramp on one side, a slide on the other and create traverse walls thru the middle.
Contact us for all your needs and let’s get some ideas going!

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KVK: 28110492

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Address: Lisse, Netherlands