We’re a company specialized in the design and construction of obstacles.

The products we develop such as the Spinners, Monkeybars and SuperSnakes are covered in a double layer of special powder coating that provides more grip and absorbs less cold.

Our obstacles will be delivered with details for use, 3❑ drawings and strength calculations.

We can design specific obstacles for every race, contact us and let’s meet up!

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We have our signature obstacles such as Spinners, SuperSnakes, the Wheel of Steel and our Seesaw Monkeybar. We also have a wide range of obstacles that we can deliver + we can design obstacles specifically to your needs.


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Multi-combo obstacle training Rigs!

We`ve engineered constructions that implement different obstacles to create Multi-combo obstacle training Rigs! The constructions are designed specifically to your needs.


Our products are being used by : Toughest Sweden, Strong Viking Europe, OCR Belgium, CrossXvest Academy, De Bunk`R and in 2016 we hosted the Final obstacle at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in Canada!

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KVK: 28110492

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Address: Lisse, Netherlands